[How To] Change .MY .COM.MY .ORG.MY .NAME.MY .NET.MY Name Servers

For your information, only technical contact of the domain would able to login to MYNIC(
https://www.mynic.my) and perform DNS modification, changing name servers in our portal will not reflect to WHOIS.

Please follow the steps below:

1) Browse to https://www.mynic.my/en/index.php
2) Click on Login
3) Enter your login details and click Login.
Note: If you have lost your Username or Password, please click on the "Forget Username" and "Forget Password" link to retrieve.

4) Enter related contact code(MYNIC Handle) and click on Submit
Note: You may find your code(MYNIC Handle) for your .MY domain contact via WHOIS services found at http://whois.domainregistry.my/index.jsp

5) Under Domain tab, select Modify Domain
6) Enter [Domain Name] and select your domain extension under [Domain Extension]. Click Search
7) Under search results, tick the domain you want to modify and click Modify
8) Tick Modify Name Servers
9) Select Add / Remove / Change Name Server. If you know the related contact code(MYNIC Handle) of the nameserver, enter and click Modify
Note: You may find your code(MYNIC Handle) for your nameserver by clicking on

10) Click Modify
Note: The new pair of DNS has been successfully modified. Please allow 18-72 hours for the DNS propagation period.

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